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3 ski areas

McCall Winter Sports Club's youth programs are designed to develop the "whole skier and rider."  Athletes will learn all-mountain fundamentals including stance, balance, positioning and edge pressure. These are transitional skills that apply to any recreational or competitive track the athlete chooses to pursue.  

While we strive to create lifelong skiers & riders, our greater goal is to create world-class kids through winter sports; a long-time tradition in McCall and a common culture at each of its surrounding ski areas. 


MWSC trains weekends at Brundage Mountain Resort and Tamarack Resort. Athletes registered for Development (or "Devo" programs may choose their home (or "primary") ski area. Otherwise, athletes who choose a more competitive track will train at both Brundage and Tamarack on the weekends and Little Ski Hill during the week. 

Mighty Mites

Mighty Mites

The Mighty Mites program is for skiers 6-8 years of age.  This is an all-mountain program with a mixture of freeskiing, brushes and drills. An emphasis is placed on learning the fundamentals of the sport in a fun, safe and friendly environment.  

Mighty Mite athletes ski every Saturday and/or Sunday January-March at their "primary" ski area of choice.  Holiday camp kicks off the season over winter break in late December.

ski and snowboard devo

Ski & Snowboard Development (Devo)

Devo programming provides a range of instruction and skill-building for skiers and riders ages 8-14 starting with the development of fundamentals and building to cover all aspects of skiing or riding; including mental preparation, physical training, and on-snow technique and tactics. Our goal is to facilitate growth, education and maturity in a fun, team-based atmosphere.  

Devo athletes ski/ride Saturday OR Sunday at their "primary" ski area.

Devo Advanced

Devo Advanced

Devo Advanced (pka: Devo-Race and Devo-Crossover) is the next step after U8 Mighty Mites or Devo for athletes who want to try ski racing before pursuing the highest level of competition. The Devo Advanced program focuses on developing the fundamental skills of skiing through all mountain free-skiing, drill work and gate training. Most weekends include a half day of gate training. 

Besides ski race training, athletes will spend part of the day skiing steeps, powder, and all that their primary mountain has to offer.

Athletes train at their home or “primary mountain” on weekends and are encouraged to participate in the Soda Pop Race and/or Soda Pop Rail Jam series on Friday nights at Little Ski Hill.  

alpine race

Alpine Race

Alpine Race Teams have a more intensive ski race training and competition curriculum for athletes who want to pursue ski racing at a higher level. U10-U16 racers will have gate training sessions every weekend as well as all-mountain free skiing with drills. 

Brundage, Tamarack, and Little Ski Hill are utilized as training venues per coaches’ discretion and based on upcoming U.S. Ski & Snowboard events.

Alpine Racers will participate in the  U.S. Ski & Snowboard Intermountain Division (IMD) races. U10-U12 Racers are expected to participate in at least one North Series qualifier. U14 and U16 Racers will participate in the IMD-wide races. All Alpine Racers are required to have a 2023-2024 U.S. Ski & Snowboard alpine competitor license

Race Track

MWSC believes that the skills and techniques learned from alpine race training make for the best skiers on the mountain. 

Alpine ski race training is a foundational element for all athletes at McCall Winter Sports Club.  The benefits of learning technical movements with an athletic stance and coordination enable athletes to ski the whole mountain, in all conditions - lifelong. 

MWSC provides age and ability-appropriate training progressions per US Ski & Snowboard's Alpine Training Systems and the athlete's desire for competition and mastery of race disciplines; including Slalom (SL), Giant Slalom (GS), Super G (SG), Downhill (DH) and Parallel.  Whether pursuit is for the Olympics or Friday night lights at Little Ski Hill; MWSC's programming and coaching will foster a culture that makes progression challenging, safe, and fun with the goal of reaching the athlete's full potential. 

Not sure whether Alpine Race or Devo Advanced is the best option?

Consider Devo Advanced if your U10-U16 athlete is interested in part-time race training every weekend at one ski area.  Fundamental racing tactics are learned and then applied to the Soda Pop Race Series at Little Ski Hill and other local and regional "friendly races." 

Alternatively consider the Alpine Race Teams if your U10-U16 athlete has a desire to pursue a higher level of competition and compete in the US Ski and Snowboard's Intermountain Division.  Training consists of 3-5 days per week in preparation for IMD races.

NOTE: All Alpine Race Teams will train at all three of our home ski areas. 

Big Mountain Track

Big Mountain programming consists of Freeride Comp and Backcountry; and are designed for strong intermediate to advanced athletes with a desire to ski or ride off-piste and on big mountain terrain. 

MWSC's Freeride Comp Team is for athletes interested in competing in big mountain, slopestyle, or rail jam competitions locally and regionally as part of IFSA and USASA.  

MWSC's Backcountry Team is for athletes less focused on competing and more interested in touring for powder, steeps, and out-of-bounds. 


Freeride Comp Team

The Freeride Comp Team is for skiers 10-16 years of age who want to compete in big mountain, slopestyle, and/or park competitions.  

Discipline, creativity, drive and judgement are key elements of the program each and every day - and everywhere on the  mountain; including steeps, powder, crud, trees, groomers, and the park. Athletes will mature these characters for success with technical development of line choice, style, balance, air and fluidity.  Athletes will then transfer these skills to the competitive arena. 

The team trains at Tamarack Resort and Brundage Mountain on weekends and at Little Ski Hill during the week. Athletes are expected to travel to other ski areas for the purpose of preparing for and competing in USASA & IFSA events.

Not sure which big mountain program to enroll my 8 or 9-year old in?

If your U10 skier wishes to pursue Freeride Comp or Backcountry later in their development, choose Devo Advanced. MWSC believes that the skills and techniques learned from alpine race training make for the best skiers on the mountain, regardless of the track the athlete will later pursue. 

Fundamental racing and competition tactics are learned on weekends, Air & Style training happens Fridays and Wednesdays (optional) and then applied to the Soda Pop Rail Jam Series at Little Ski Hill and other local and regional "friendly" competitions. 


Backcountry Team

The Backcountry Team opens up the world of backcountry skiing and riding in search of steeps, cliffs, chutes, and jumps.  Athletes, 12-years-and-older, will be exposed to avalanche education, backcountry travel, route-finding, winter survival, and outdoor leadership.

Brundage Mountain is the team's home-base, but athletes should expect to travel with the team to other ski areas and backcountry terrain dependent on weather and snow conditions. 

Based on coaches' recommendation and athlete interest, athletes may participate in local competitions. 

Air & Style

Air & Style is for skiers & riders, ages 10+. Athletes learn body awareness, stance & balance, timing, pivoting and edge & pressure control in the Terrain Park, under the lights at Little Ski Hill Wednesdays and Fridays.  Soda Pop Rail Jam Series are optional.