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Bode Lamm, 2020 Scholarship Recipient

Coach Erik Fisher & Dave Rosen give Bode Lamm props for his work ethic & attitude - which earned Bode a Scholarship Award.

Bob Greenwood

Bob Greenwood gives inspiring words of wisdom to the MWSC team.

The Bob Greenwood Scholarship is awarded to those who demonstrate a passion for skiing and the opportunities the sport presents to progress as an athlete and grow to be a model teammate and citizen. The funding of these scholarships are made possible by Bogus Basin Ski Club(BBSC) and Payette Lakes Ski Club. 

Athlete Scholarships are awarded at the Hometown Races & Apres Ski Party.  Congrats to these athletes who've been awarded these honors! 

Josie Leslie, U16 Alpine Ski Racer
Max Lancaster, U14 Alpine Ski Racer
Hailey Walters, U12 Ski Racer
Asher Nichols, U12 Ski Racer
Aydan Worsfold, U10 Ski Racer
Vince Vuturo, Backcountry
Richard Horner, Devo 
Teagan Parkinson, Devo
Connor Krahn, U8 Mighty Mite

Rylee Walters, U14 Alpine Ski Racer
Maya Gleason, U10 Alpine Ski Racer
Hailey Walters, U10 Alpine Ski Racer
Lauren Hunt, U10 Devo Skier

Rylee Walters, U12 Alpine Ski Racer
Hayley Walters, U10 Alpine Ski Racer

Kellen Crawford, U18 Pro Track Skier
Bode Lamm, U10 Alpine Ski Racer

Aiden McLean, U18 Pro Track Skier
Josie Leslie, U12 Alpine Ski Racer


The Boydstun-Hovdey Ski Heritage Scholarship is for kids who desire to experience the wonderful world of winter sports by joining the McCall Winter Sports Club.  Scholarship requests will be accepted from kids enrolled in any MWSC program. Recipients must be between the ages of 6 and 18.  Selection will be based on financial need as well as interest & commitment to the sport.  Scholarship funding can be used to pay for the following: coaching fees, season passes, travel costs and equipment.  The level of scholarship will be determined on a case by case basis.

Apply by downloading and completing the application and emailing or mailing to the addresses on the application. Applications for the 22/23 season may be received through October 15, 2022. However, it is encouraged that they be submitted sooner. 

Special thanks to Barb & Donn Bryant of BBSC for making the scholarship awards happen!

Scholarship Friends of MWSC

MWSC is a 501(c)(3) with a purpose to create world-class kids through SKIING!! 

As of #GivingTuesday, we will be one month from kicking off the winter season for student-athletes.  We'd love to have you join our cause this season!

Here's how this 2022 Giving Tuesday!

Become a Friend of McCall Winter Sports Club by making a tax-deductible donation for athlete scholarships.  100% of your donation will be used to scholarship one or more athletes. 

Scholarship Opportunities

"Ski racing is a core aspect of who I am. It has taught me the strong work ethic that is necessary to advance my technical skills and compete at a high level against athletes from across the region. I know the skills and friendships I am developing through MWSC will serve me later in life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the McCall Winter Sports Club, the mentors and friends I have had along the way, and for the scholarship that helped make it possible for me." - River

"Skiing has been an amazing activity for me for years and an awesome enabler for filming. Filmmaking has been a way I channel my creativity for years and combining that with the creativity and endless possibilities in skiing has been incredible. The Big Mountain Free Ride team has given me opportunities to not only ski creatively but also film others doing their things and put together videos of everyone doing their things." - Aiden

Scholarship Opportunities

Idaho Gives to Student-Athletes!

Thank you to all those who've helped fund a student-athlete scholarship! Donations received via Idaho Gives 2022 will help gift athletes with funding for program fees, competition fees, and equipment. 

Another way to be a part of athlete scholarships is to become a Friend of the MWSC Team with a $500 donation.  100% of donations go to athletes in-need of financial assistance in order to pursue the sport.