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Safety Wisdom #3

By MWSC Skier, 01/25/23, 8:00PM MST


Safety Wisdom #3

 We are fully in the swing of ski season and the snow is fantastic! The snow depth is increasing and those bushes and rocks are finally covered. Skiers and Riders all over the mountain are pushing the limits, skiing faster and harder.  We will continue to hit on the Skier Responsibilty Code as a good reminder that these responsibilities do not change with a deeper snowpack, stronger bodies and more gumption.

5.  You must prevent runaway equipment.

Let’s keep a hold of our gear! If we crash and lose our skis off of our feet try and recover them as quickly as possible so they do not slide down the hill and hit another skier or rider.

6.  Read and obey all signs, warnings, and hazard markings.

This means all signs. Slow signs that are in the runs as you come upon a merging trail or into the lift corrals. A warning for a closed area or an area that requires extra caution and should only be entered if you have the correct skiing ability or equipment per the sign ie. Hidden Valley and Upper Hidden. Ski area boundary rope lines are included in this.

Let’s continue to shred it up out there but also be mindful of ourselves and others and the reputation of our incredible Club!