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Safety Wisdom #2

By MWSC Skier, 01/08/23, 9:30AM MST


With our regular weekend training season starting this weekend for all athletes we are going to look at the next two parts of the Skier Responsibility Code. Understanding this code and adhering to it will make training not only safer but fun!

Refer to the News Article Safety Wisdom #1 for the first two parts of the Skier Responsibility Code.

   3.     Stop only where you are visible from above and do not restrict traffic.

This means choosing a great place to regroup or take a break. To the side of the groomed trail or Cat track. Not beneath a roll over! Make sure you can see all of the slope above you, if you can this means skiers above you can also see you.

    4.     Look uphill and avoid others before starting downhill or entering a trail.

This is how you avoid collisions, most collisions happen when we are not paying attention to who is skiing around us or we are skiing too closely. Swing that head around and check for other skiers and riders!


These are great things to think about this weekend! The resorts are still busy and there is a lot of other skier and rider traffic on the hill. Let’s do our part.

A quick note regarding those of you who are training or are involved in training at Brundage Mountain. If you have not already noticed the Brundage Mountain Ski Patrol have a new uniform. It is all Black with Fluoro Green First Aid Crosses. If you need Ski Patrol either call them via Brundage’s website or look out for the new uniform!