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McCall Winter Sports Club(MWSC) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit dedicated to creating world class kids through winter sports. The foundation of our club’s programming and coaching continues to build on the belief that there is a direct correlation between sports and learning; team sports and social development; competitive sports and professional success; as well as the fun of sports and physical, mental and emotional fitness. Since 1947, our programs and coaches have helped shape strong individuals and outstanding citizens; not to mention a few Olympians. Most give back later in life to charitable programs.  There’s a sense of accomplishment felt when past and present members of the MWSC are able and choose to do so for non-profits with similar values. 

And as such; we’d like to share our appreciation for the Gilbert Family’s giving back to the McCall Winter Sports Club in more ways than one.  Bill and Melissa have passed down the love for skiing to their daughter, Kate who will be a U14 ski racer for the 23/24 season.  Bill serves on the MWSC Board of Directors and has engaged CAPROCK as a promoter and Double Diamond-level sponsor of MWSC.

Sponsorships enable MWSC to broaden its impact and allow more children and families to join the program.  Thank you, Gilbert Family; and thank you CAPROCK!