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Caring for your Gear

By MWSC Skier, 10/16/23, 2:15PM MDT


Hi Teams!

This is your resident Gear Nerd here.

It is time to get that gear out, dust it off, shake it out and give it some love!

We have 5 weeks before the first MWSC skiers will be on snow in Sun Valley. It is time to get your gear cleaned, maintained and ready to go.

Try those boots on, do they still fit? Are the buckles attached snugly to the boot? Does the Power Strap still have some Velcro stick? How are the soles, are they still in good shape without too much wear on the toe and heel? 

Are those poles still the right size? Are the straps in good condition and are the baskets still attached? Are they straight or do they have unnecessary bends?

Are your skis still the correct length for you? Are your skis dried out because you didn’t storage wax them? Uh oh, looks like a trip to the local ski shop or the ski bench in the garage is in order. Wipe them down and get some wax in those bases, or scrap that storage wax off! Check the edges, check the bindings, brakes and top sheets.  Those are your baby’s after all!

Get that helmet out, any dents? Does it still fit correctly? Googles, can you see through them? Gloves, jacket and pants, do they fit? Do they have any tears that need some Tenacious Tape applied to them?

Clean all of your outerwear! Please read the care label, all of your outerwear should be cleaned per instructions. Nikwax makes specialized products to maintain waterproofing and breathability. Do not use normal laundry detergent! This will degrade your waterproofing!

If you are in the Backcountry Team and have Avalanche Rescue equipment and skins please check your shovel, probe and beacon. Make sure your beacon software is updated and you have fresh batteries. If you have new skis check the skins still fit!

Our MWSC coaches are a wealth of knowledge that you should utilize if you have any questions. There are also plenty of Ski stores both in McCall and Boise that have knowledgeable staff that can help. 

Good luck getting your gear ready for the season!!