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Broadway Blast Countdown from Coach Bob

By Coach Bob, 03/16/23, 12:15PM MDT


Coach Bob is so looking forward to seeing everyone at Anthony Lakes.  It is so exciting to see so many young athletes AND parents and coaches participating in what has been a long-time  favorite event for MWSC. 

Please Note: 

  • 1. We are on Pacific Time!  
  • 2. Every family (including all 20 SG racers) meet at Lodge Saturday, 8AM local time - Pacific Time:-)
  • 3. Coaching staff (Bob, Gundy, and Jack) will hand out bibs and lift tickets pre-purchased through MWSC Saturday morning. 
  • 4. Coach Bob will attend the official Team Captain's meeting Saturday morning and report back to the team.  
  • 5. The entire team of athletes will load lift at 9AM(PST) to inspect the Super G course. 
  • 6. Sunday's schedule for Nordic and Gelande Jump will be announced Saturday afternoon, in-person.


Travel Safe!  

Connect with Coach Bob by phone (208-869-1561) or stop by the Geiser Grand to chat in the lounge with any questions or pump up talks!

PS - Wax recommendation is 50/50 mix of Swix 7 & Swix 8. Get this done before you arrive Friday night!