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North Series Qualifier Results @ Tamarack

By MWSC, 03/06/23, 10:45AM MST


Congratulations to all alpine racers this weekend at Tamarack Resort!  MWSC athletes should be proud of their performance on the Giant Slalom and Kinder Kombi courses.  Despite the powder they broke through and put down solid times.

See all results here!


U12 Women's Division GS:
Kate Gilbert 12th
Maya Gleason 21st
Hazel Avery 30th
Amelia MacKinnon 31st
Hailey Walters 36th
Rachel Wheeler 37th
Brooklyn Malkus 39th

U12 Men's Division GS:
Asher Nichols 4th
Theron Andra 7th
Cruz Crockett DNF 2nd Run (although a solid 8th place finish 1st run)

U10 Women's Division GS:
Mia Andersen 1st 
Harper Hurley 3rd
Clara Holm 6th
Jane Watson 9th
Saylor Ashcraft DNF 2nd Run

U10 Men's Division GS:
Gauge Bitton 1st
Aydan Worsfold 2nd
Frederick Coriell 11th
Lane Finley DNF 2nd Run

U12 Women's Division KK: 
Kate Gilbert 5th
Maya Gleason 18th
Rachel Wheeler 31st
Amelia MacKinnon 32nd
Hailey Walters 35th
Hazel Avery 37th
Brooklyn Malkus 39th

U12 Men's Division KK: 
Asher Nichols 4th
Theron Andra 6th
Cruz Crockett 7th

U10 Women's Division KK: 
Mia Anderson 1st
Harper Hurley 5th
Jane Watson 8th
Clara Holm 9th
Saylor Ashcraft 11th

U10 Men's Division KK: 
Aydan Worsfold 1st
Lane Finley 7th
Frederick Coriell 11th