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The Importance of Dryland training

By MWSC Skier, 11/09/22, 12:00PM MST


How do we ski longer harder and faster?

Dryland training Benefits

How has the pre season training been going team?

You have three more weeks to participate in Dryland training. You will have a short break and before you know it you will be on your skis!

If you haven’t already participated in coach led Dryland training it isn’t too late. It is not only a great way to remind and teach those muscles skiing specific movement but also a great way to meet other athletes. Check SportsEngine for training times specific to your team. Chairlift Buddies await!!

If you cannot make it to Team Dryland training then train at home. Coach Sawyer proves you can do a chair sit and brush your teeth! Find a quick workout from Erik Fisher in the last Dryland News article.

Tip from MWSC Program Director and Olympian Erik Fisher.

Ski Season is coming and we need to get our bodies ready to have some fun, Dryland is crucial if you are wanting to ski faster, longer and safer. Skiing is way more fun if we have prepared our muscles for it. Parents please help us get the most out of your athletes by getting them to dryland! 

Tip from Freeride Head Coach Kerry Lofy

Alpine skiing is a very physically demanding sport with the possible risk of injury. Early season dry land training is crucial for any competitive or non competitive skier to avoid injuries and to become stronger, faster, and more flexible. Increased fitness will also help the athlete improve their quality and quantity of snow training and skiing.

The goal of our dryland program is to build the eccentric strength and strength endurance in the legs to prepare for the eccentric loading which occurs during alpine skiing. We focus on building the lactate tolerance and recovery in the legs allowing the athlete to ski harder, longer, and recover quicker.