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Snow Prediction Contest - Part strategy, part luck, part skill!

By McCall Winter Sports Club, 09/25/20, 4:30PM MDT


Closest prediction for the season's 1st 5 inches on the snow stake wins!

Make your prediction for the 20/21 season's first snowfall of 5" at the base of Brundage.  Submit a day & time at which the base area's snow stake will hold 5" of snow at  Contest begins October 1st and culminates the 1st day the base-area gets 5" as seen on the stake stake cam.

HINTS: Last season the date was October 19, 2019. November 23, 2018 the snow stake received its 1st 5" for the 18/19 season.  Snow dances have historically helped. 

Snow Prediction Contest Rules:

Contest Starts October 1, 2020. 

Contest Ends when the first 5" of snow has fallen AND accumulated on the Brundage Mountain, base-area, snow stake since Start of the Contest. 

The snow stake at Brundage Mountain will be cleared and recorded on the live mountain cam as usual. No changes to normal operations will be made for the purpose of this Contest. 

Anyone 18-years-of-age and older may Participate. 

Participants may submit as many Predictions as they'd like. 

Predictions must be submitted with a specific Date, Hour, and Minute. Incomplete Predictions will not be eligible to win. 

Once submitted, Predictions may not be changed. 

Day-of Predictions may not be submitted. All Predictions must be submitted at least one day before the Predicted Date. 

Each Prediction submitted requires a minimum $10 donation to MWSC made with credit card.  All donations are non-refundable. 

Participant whose Prediction is nearest to the Actual Date, Hour, and Minute at which time 5" of snow has accumulated on the snow stake WINS! 

Winner will be gifted a McCall Winter Savings Card and $150 Brundage gift certificate. 

In the case of a tie, ALL Winners will receive a McCall Winter Savings Card. The $150 Brundage gift card will go to one Winner randomly drawn from a bucket. 

Winner(s) will be notified within 24 hours of the Contest's End.