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Masters & Parents Training Group

Masters and Parents Training

Alpine Masters & Parents Training Program is open to all adults age 18 and older, including Little Ski Hill Night League Racers! AKA - Beer League. This is also a great program for parents who are interested in keeping up with their kids on the mountain. The MWSC Masters & Parents Training program is designed to offer high-level alpine race training to adults looking to improve their skills in the gates. Masters participants are encouraged to participate in the Little Ski Hill Night League Races and/or travel to USSA Masters events. Coordinating travel and USSA Masters event participation is not included.

Programming happens Tuesdays nights at LSH and is aimed at skill development, race preparation, and competition. Masters may have their own training space or join the U16-U19 training group, depending on the number of participants. Daily program objectives include skill progressions, free ski and gate drills, video analysis and timing when appropriate. On snow training will begin and end with the opening and closing of the Little Ski Hill. 

Program Rate & Requirements

Masters & Parents Training Program Fee: $550

Licensing is not required for the program or for participation in Little Ski Hill Night Races (Beer League entry fee not included.)

USSA license is required for USSA Master races. or

Little Ski Hill season pass required (not included in program).

MWSC 21/22 Membership per family not included in listed rates.