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Giving Tuesday


McCall Winter Sports Club athletes & coaches are ramping up for the winter season -  getting stoked to learn new tricks,  challenging themselves on steeper terrain, and competing in the sport at higher levels.  

We are thankful for our team and supporters each and every day.  On Tuesday, November 29th we hope you'll consider giving to our cause to create world-class kids through winter sports by way of a donation, a like, or a wish! 

Keep reading below for what athletes and coaches have to be thankful for and look forward to. 



"I'm so ready & excited for this season. I'm on the Freeride Comp team and I can't wait to compete in the park and learn how to ski big lines with Coach Kerry! My goal is to go back to nationals, get back on the podium this year, and maybe even take first! I'm glad McCall Winter Sports Club can help me get there." - Scout W.



As a racer who grew up in the alpine race program and then transitioned into coaching the U8s, MWSC has done so much for me. As a kid racing taught me to be brave, independent, and proud. When I realized that I was capable of racing down an icy slope at insane speeds I knew I could do anything I put my mind to. As a coach it was different but just as rewarding, teaching me to be patient and motivating. It also showed me the joy of being able to watch a kid gain their own confidence and conquer their own challenges. As for this year, I am very excited to see all the smiling faces of kids ready to get out there and shred! - Coach Amelia P.

Dempsy and friends


"MWSC has helped me get out of my comfort zone when it comes to skiing off cliffs, skiing off huge jumps, and many more. I have made lots of new friends and I am hoping to make more this year. I am also excited to ski places on the mountain that I have never skied before.  The most important thing to remember is to have fun whether you are sitting on a chairlift or skiing in the powder with your friends!" - Demsy B.

Annika and Coach Bob


"McCall Winter Sports Club has given me confidence and skills to enjoy not just downhill skiing but kayaking, mountain biking, running and nordic skiing too. I have made lifelong friends and have amazing coaches. This fall I ran a marathon by running a mile a day for 26 days. Coach Bob encouraged me and on the last day. Coach Bob even joined me at the track to celebrate. This year I’m looking forward to skiing the powder, going to Anthony lakes, and using my new skills. Thank you McCall Winter Sports Club." - Annika Neuschwander



"To me, MWSC means family.  It means support.  During the ski season, it is what I look forward to Monday - Thursday, knowing that I get to ski with MWSC on Friday night through the weekend." - Georgia Baxley



"Hi, my name is Kai Tennyson and I’m on the Freeride Team for McCall Winter Sports Club. I have participated in the Papa Bear GS, the Chris Bodily Memorial 4-Way Races, a triathlon and other really fun events with my team!

My coaches have helped me with staying positive and having fun. They push me and motivate me to learn new tricks and skills, and how to stay strong and in shape for skiing.

I cannot wait for ski season to start this year so I can learn how to do a flat spin and send it off the cliffs at Tamarack and Brundage!” - Kai Tennyson



"I learned about avalanche safety and being safe in different conditions from my coaches on the Big Mountain team.  My favorite thing has been backcountry hikes and skiing with my teammates.  This season I really want to learn new tricks." - Clyde Rydalch