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Backcountry Boot Camp

BCBC December 27-30, 2020

This experiential, four-day camp is perfect for the upper-intermediate to advanced skier who is interested in expanding their skiing possibilities and venturing out-of-ski-area boundaries.

During this course skiers are taught essential backcountry basics from trained, experienced MWSC coaches and local professionals. Athletes will learn to assess avalanche potential, properly use rescue equipment, rescue a buried partner, and travel safely in the backcountry. Most importantly, skiers learn by doing though a hands-on approach in a small group of their peers. 

Athletes enrolled in the Big Mountain Freeski seasonal program are required to attend this camp. 

Digging Pits

Day 1

Terrain & The Human Aspect

Day 2

Weather & Snow Science


Day 3

Companion Rescue 

Day 4

Touring Day!

Big Mountain

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